We can finally present the first preview of the new album "Flehs for Funerals Eternal", to be released through Transcending Obscurity Records in December. The track "Horrendous Sight" can be streamed below:


IAlong with this, pre-orders have gone up over at Bandcamp and the labels official store.

The tracklist has also been revealed:

1. Vaults of Undead Horror
2. Black Coven Secrets
3. Gathering Their Bones
4. Dormant Disease
5. Of Gods No Longer Invoked
6. Accursed
7. Horrendous Sight
8. Stygian Void
9. Buried
10. Bled Dry


We are proud to reveal the cover art and title of our upcoming album "FLESH FOR FUNERALS ETERNAL".

The cover art has been done by Costin Chioreanu, and the album will be released through Transcending Obscurity Records later this year.

The album features ten tracks of furious death metal, sure to strip the meat from your bones.

To be available as a gatefold LP, 6-panel digipack CD, digitally, as well as the boxed sets that Transcending Obscurity Records are know for.

Stay tuned for more info, music and detailed pre-order info.

Comment by the band:
"Finally! We have been waiting to reveal this fantastic piece of art done by Costin for quite som time now. It really catches the essence of the album as a whole, looking like the scarier older brother of our previous full length album. Rest assured that the music will deliver no less. Get ready, because these funerals have no end, and there is flesh to go around for eternity, FLESH FOR FUNERALS ETERNAL!"


We are proud to announce that last years EP ”From the Mortuary”, released on CD and digital platforms through CYCLONE EMPIRE, finally gets the vinyl treatment through Swedish label SOUND OF RECORDS!

Out on December 8th!

Limited to 200 black copies and 100 great looking transparent green with black marble.
The tracks have received a dedicated vinyl mastering from Petter Nilsson at Sonner Produktion to ensure that they deliver the most massive wall of sound possible.

Vinyl maniacs! Pre-order your copy here:


FERAL are set to enter the studio on October 27th to start the recording of their next, still untitled, album, which is to be released through TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY RECORDS in 2018. Recording, mixing and mastering will be handled by Petter Nilsson, as with the bands previous releases “Where Dead Dreams Dwell” and “From the Mortuary”. Joining the band in the studio will be newly re-joined guitarist Sebastian Lejon (ZONARIA), who previously was a member of the band during 2007-2008.

Vocalist David Nilsson states:

“We can’t wait to get started working on this album! We’ve been doing a lot of song writing since our last release and made a point of rehearsing it meticulously before proceeding with the recording, meaning that the material we have in store now is some of our most thought through to date. All in all we are set to record around fifteen tracks and once that is done we’re going to decide which of them fits together the best to form our next album. It’s great to have more material than needed to choose from. It also feels great to have Sebastian back, although most of the material was finished before his return I am sure that he will be a great addition during the recording process, as he has already been during rehearsals.”

More info regarding album title, track list and artwork is to be revealed later on.


It's the return of Sebastian! (and evil!)

We've been trying out using only a single guitar player for some time now, since the release of "Where Dead Dreams Dwell" in 2015, and while Markus has handled this as well as any we now felt that the time has come to add a second guitarist to the FERAL line-up once again.

Enter Sebastian Westermark who will now be helping us out with the guitar duties on- and off stage. Sebastian actually was a part of the band back when we recorded the track "Altar of Necromancy" to be featured on the "Resurrected in Festering Slime" compilation nine years ago, and we're glad to see him back!

This was all to be revealed during the Howl From The Coffin festival this year, that sadly was cancelled. But we busted out our top-of-the-line recording equipment, and here you can view some choice cuts from one of our rehearsals last week.


It's a mixed bag of material, but we've left in some longer shots of the new tracks we've been working on for our next album to be out on Transcending Obscurity Records in the future!

We have also started discussions with Petter at Sonner Produktion regarding the recording schedule, and we hope to have entered the studio sometime within the coming months. As with both our most recent EP "From the Mortuary" and the album before that, Petter will be handling the mixing and mastering as well as engineering.


FERAL announces that the band has signed to TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY RECORDS for the release of their upcoming, still untitled, album which is to be recorded later this year.

Vocalist David Nilsson comments on the signing:

“We are thrilled to announce that Feral has signed to Transcending Obscurity Records, one of the fastest growing labels around right now. Their passion for the music and dedication to each undertaking convinced us immediately and we can’t wait to reveal our next release through them. The new material we have prepared is some of our strongest to date, and we are sure that it will be in the right hands with Transcending Obscurity Records. At this point we have more than enough material written and plan to start recording later this year, a raging death metal onslaught is soon in the making.”

Label MD comments:

"Transcending Obscurity Records is proud to have another stellar Swedish death metal act in its ranks. Feral are going from strength to strength and their latest EP was gnarly, aggressive and yet redolent of the classic Swedish sound. We believe the best from them is yet to come. We're happy to work with David Nilsson and the band and have signed a two-album contract, starting with a full length that will be unleashed first. They're taking the Swedish death metal sound ahead and that's what's most appealing about this hardworking band."

The band is glad to announce that the writing for the next full length album is finally finished! We have been working hard since the release of "Where Dead Dreams Dwell" to not once again end up with a four year gap between albums, but you can all rest assured that this is not something that has been hastily thrown together in order to meet a deadline. On contrary, we have put more time in than ever before to fine-tune the material as much as possible in an early stage. "Where Dead Dreams Dwell" is a though album to follow for us, since we are extremely satisfied with the final results which we landed on. But there is a togetherness in the new material that can only come from playing together for a long time, and doing it often. We are a rehearsing band, and would never write songs in the studio as we record them. At the moment we are rehearsing and making the finishing touches to all of the new songs, which are 15 in total. Most of them are already sounding like they should with no further tweaking needed and once all of the material is 100% know by heart and well thought through we will book the studio to record. After recording the songs that fit together the best will but assembled to make out the album. Some fitting album titles have been thrown around, but this will be announced at a later time. The new songs range from pure Swedish Death Metal with eerie leads to crushing mid-tempo and slower track as well as some of the fastest and most "technical" songs FERAL has ever put out, all with our punk- and thrash influences clearly imbued.

Our hope is to have the new album out during 2017, but have in mind that a lot of the things surrounding a new release are out of the bands hands, such as formats and release dates. So no more precise info can be given at the moment.

Furthermore we have other plans for 2017 as well; last year’s EP "From the Mortuary" will finally see a vinyl release! More info in this is to be revealed soon, but it will be a really good-looking and sounding piece with a dedicated vinyl mastering. We will also participate on some very promising compilation- and split LPs with other really great bands from Sweden.

Dead eyes see what the living can only dream,
David - Feral
The second song of the new EP "From the Mortuary", has been revlealed. The track is called "The Cult of the Head" and is available for streaming below::


The first teaser for the upcoming EP "From the Mortuary" has been released in the form of the lyric video for the track "Reborn in the Morgue". The video was made by Johan Norström, using the art done by Costin Chioreanu. Check it out:

"From the Mortuary" will be released December 2nd through Cyclone Empire on CD and digital platforms. The EP features a total of six new tracks including a cover of the classic PENTAGRAM track "Relentless" and a re-recorded and re-arranged version of the track "Necrofilthiac".

Official track list:

1. The Hand of the Devil
2. Reborn in the Morgue
3. The Cult of the Head
4. The Rite
5. Necrofilthiac (2016)
6. Relentless (Pentragram cover)

"From the Mortuary" picks up where our latest album "Where Dead Dreams Dwell" left off, and we are thrilled to present this new track. "Reborn in the Morgue" is a real deadbanger and great example of FERAL-material to come

The upcoming EP "From the Mortuary" will be released on December 2nd through German label Cyclone Empire and features 4 brand new tracks. Also a re-arranged and re-recorded version of the track "Necrofilthiac", which was previously released on the Afterparty Massacre soundtrack compilation as well as a cover of the classic PENTAGRAM track "Relentless".

Mixing and mastering was handled once again by ex-guitarist, Petter Nilsson, and the cover art is done by Costin Chioreanu of Twilight13Media.

More info to be revealed later on!
FERAL revealed on March 19th through Facebook that the band has entered the studio to record songs for an upcoming EP, which should see a release during 2016.

Vocalist David Nilsson made the following comment:
“It is too early to give any specific details, but we have entered the studio to record a couple of tracks that are intended to be released on an EP during the latter half of the year. The one thing I can say is that the material picks up right where our latest album left off, heavy as hell and aggressive, yet dynamic, death metal.”

FERAL released their latest album “Where Dead Dreams Dwell” in May 2015, through German label CYCLONE EMPIRE.

Ferals debut albbum “Dragged to the Altar”, originally released in 2011 by Ibex Moon Records, is finally to see a release on vinyl when the band teams up with the newly started Austrian label ROTTEN RELICS. More info regarding pre-orders will be available soon through the band as well as the label.

The re-release of "Dragged to the Altar" has been remastered for vinyl by ex-guitarist Petter Nilsson, who also played on the album, and will feature the original cover art which was made by the talented Jonathan Hultén of Necromantic Art.

Vocalist David Nilsson has made the following statement regarding the re-release:
“When the guys from ROTTEN RELICS first got in touch with us and explained what they were all about we instantly knew that they were the kind of people that we wanted to work with. Fans and vinyl collectors making releases for fans and other vinyl collectors, with exactly the right attitude that is needed for the genre. People have been asking us about a vinyl release of "Dragged to the Altar" since the initial release in 2011 and we're proud to announce that these guys will finally be giving our debut album the vinyl treatment. Dragged to the altar to be revived again!"

ROTTEN RELICS has released the following:
“Newsflash from the vaults! Skellefteå's own FERAL teamed up with the Austrian treasure seekers ROTTEN RELICS for a vinyl release of "Dragged To The Altar", the debut album from 2011 containing 11 blasts of enthralling Death Metal! Originally supposed to be published on vinyl along with it's CD release, this LP eventually never saw the light of day... until now! ROTTEN RELICS is proud and ghoulishly joyous to present "Dragged To The Altar" to all undead headbangers out there! Expect the vinyl release of this sonic avalanche in spring 2016."

Visit ROTTEN RELICS on facebook for more information.

Feral has released a brand new video clip for the track “Succumb to Terror”, taken from their latest album, “Where Dead Dreams Dwell”, out now through Cyclone Empire. Watch the video below:

The video was shot in the bands hometown of Skellefteå, north Sweden, by Henrik Johannesén.

"Where Dead Dreams Dwell" was mixed and mastered by ex-guitarist Petter Nilsson, during the fall of 2014. The cover art was done by Costin Chioreanu of Twilight 13 Media.

“Where Dead Dreams Dwell” is contains some of our most diverse material so far, with songs shifting in both tempo and length, yet it feels more unified than ever. We are thrilled to present this video for the closing track of the album which is a straight and unrelenting blast to the face. No bells and whistles, just death metal in its purest form!
- David Nilsson, vocals

The album is available on:
Black LP (limited to 200 copies)
Blue LP (limited to 300 copies)
Digital download/streaming

Orders are available through metal-recycler:


A brand new music video for the track "Suffering Torment" from the new album "Where Dead Dreams Dwell"; released May 29th through Cyclone Empire.

Check out the new video at this location:

The album can be ordered directly through the band and at Cyclone Empires webshop


The release party for Ferals new album "Where Dead Dreams Dwell" was held in the bands hometown the 30th of May this year. The show was filmed with multiple cameras and audio recorded to be made available online.

The band has now uploaded the footage to the following location:

During the event the band played the new album straight through as well as an additional set directly afterwards with a couple of select covers.

Live sound, mix and master was done by Petter Nilsson (ex-Feral), who also mixed and mastered the album for which the release party was held.

The second track the upcoming album "Where Dead Dreams Dwell" has been revealed, entitled "Creatures Among the Coffins".

This is a real stomping headbanger of a song and should get your blood pumping until the the album release this Friday!

Check it out on either soundcloud:

Or bandcamp:



The anticipated second album "Where Dead Dreams Dwell" will be released on CD and LP on May 29th through Cyclone Empire.

Here is the great artwork by the talented Costin Chioreanu and the official track list:

1. Swallowed by Darkness
2. Creatures Among the Coffins
3. As the Feast Begins
4. Suffering Torment
5. Carving the Blood Eagle
6. Inhumation Ceremony
7. The Crawler
8. Overwhelmed
9. Mass Resurrection
10. Succumb to Terror

Furthermore the band also finished their first video clip from the new album. It's a lyrical video for the opening tack "Swallowed by Darkness":

More news and pre-order infos coming in the next weeks.


That's right, we have signed a deal for the release of our next album, and to none other than Germany's Cyclone Empire!

The upcoming album is entitled "Where Dead Dreams Dwell" and is scheduled to be released by the end of May 2015. More details regarding the release is to be revealed soon. As for now, the band has this to say about the signing:

"We are damned proud to have inked a deal the mighty Cyclone Empire! Them having released some of our favorite albums during the latest years, we are in good company to say the least. And to be releasing an album we have put so much time and effort into through this label is something we are extremely satisfied with. Our upcoming album includes some of the most varied material we have written, but still feels more unified than ever. This will truly be one massive assault of death metal, and we could think of none better to handle it than Cyclone Empire"


The band is proud to announce a split with German death metal legion REVEL IN FLESH. The Deathkult EP is limited to 500 copies and released by JOE BLACK RECORDS in three different colors (black, gold and splatter). The EP features an unreleased track from FERAL entitled “As the Feast Begins”, recorded in 2013 during the last studio session with original members Petter Nilsson (guitar) and Rickard Lundmark (drums).

Vocalist David Nilsson comments on the release:
“This is a great premonition of FERAL-material to come and we are thrilled to see it released in this format, JOE BLACK RECORDS have really made sure that this will be a high quality release and nothing else. Also this is the first song that guitarist Markus Lindahl have brought to FERAL and his song writing is superb addition to the band. Expect nothing else than pure and grooving death metal that will have you screaming for more!”

Get a taste of the Deathkult EP here:

FERAL also announces a show at this year’s edition of SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL.

David comments on the show:
“This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the first show me and Viktor (bass) played together with the band that would eventually evolve into FERAL when we were 15 and 17 years old. And what could be more fitting than to play one of the biggest festivals in Sweden to celebrate? To even be on the same bill as these other great bands is an honor. We will be bringing our best to the festival and make this a show to remember, that is for sure!”

More info on Sweden Rock Festival here: SRF ARTISTS 2014


We are taking pre-orders on our new hoodies, artwork courtesy by the incredible Mark Riddick!

Last date to pre-order is the 30th of June (2013-06-30).

Available in sizes: S-XXL

Brand: Fruit of the loom

Sweden: 400SEK + Shipping
Europe: 60,5€ (including shipping and paypal fees)
Worldwide: 83$ (including shipping and paypal fees)

Send your orders to:

Shipments are estimated to be sent off in the middle of July.


We are thrilled to announce that the pre-productions of the next Feral album are done. More than enough songs have been written/recorded during these sessions for us to be able to put together one hell of an album to say the least.

You can check out some of our recording process here in the eminent studio documentary that was filmed and edited by Cristoffer Strand: HERE

News regarding the actual recording of the album will be announced as soon as they are available, needless to say we now feel completely up for the task that lays ahead and are fully confident about the material that we have in store for you guys.

These pre-productions were however the last recordings that drummer Rickard Lundmark and guitarist Petter Nilsson will do with the band, as we have decided to part ways. This is due to other commitments and there is absolutely no bad blood between the band and the two former members.

Of course we are sad to see two of the founding members (as well as two of our best friends) leave. But we wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors and know that they will in some way or another always be part of that which is Feral.

There is however no reason to be alarmed as this will in no way slow down the future plans of the band and our goals stays the same.

For the time being Roger Markström (Leviathan, ex-Armagedda) will be aiding us from behind the drums and the search for a guitar player is ongoing.

We thank you all for your support, stay tuned!
David, Viktor & Markus - Feral


As we have told you before, the band entered the studio earlier this year and recorded six new tracks of feral madness. These tracks will be delivered to labels as promotional CD copies, in the search of the label to handle our next full length album.

But of course we are not about to forget you guys that are sending us e-mails and contacting us through social media, asking for new material. This is the kind of stuff that fuels us, and we appreciate it a lot!

So, we present to you: a brand new track from Feral!

Entitled "Inhumation Ceremony", this track is written and performed by Feral. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Petter "Svarte Petter" Nilsson on behalf of Riverhill Audio. Drums where recorded in Studio Spiff, Skellefteå. Bass, guitars and vocals where recorded in Studio Repan, Skellefteå.

You can download the track at this location: INHUMATION CEREMONY

Observe that we are giving this demo recording away for FREE, you can download it as many times as you want and spread the link as much as you feel like. And we still will not expect you to pay us anything.

However, if someone want's to thank us by giving us a small donation we won't stop you. Pay exactly as much as you feel like, and nothing more. Donations are sent through paypal to the following address: hookdavid[at]


For those wondering what Feral have been up to during the second half of 2011 and what our plans for 2012 are.

After returning from the very successful tour with Demonical, Arroganz and Gloria Morti and playing a killer show at Trästockfestivalen in Skellefteå last summer we have started to polish on our new material. A couple of pre-production recordings have been made and have given us a chance to get the feel of what the new material brings to the table, so far we can tell you that this is some of the most intense and groove-ridden death metal we have ever conjured. At this date we have recorded six tracks and our vault is far from empty, stretching from ominously slow, blistering fast and everything in between this is as well some of our most varied and dynamic songs yet.

We cannot tell when any new recordings will be revealed, but the new material has slowly started to make it's way into our live-set. Which is a great way for us to try the songs out.

We are searching for labels interested in handling our future releases and as always we are looking for gigs where ever possible in order to spread the putrid gospel of death.

Information regarding our upcoming full length album "Dragged to the Altar", including cover art, track list and release date can be found by clicking HERE.

Spread the word about this audio abomination! Once the feral beast has been unleashed upon the world there shall be no survivors!
You will find the complete dates for our upcoming tour in May 2011 in the gigs-sectioin, commented by vocalist David "Hook" Nilsson:

"We are thrilled to hit the road with one of our favorite bands from Sweden right now, there is no doubt that we will have a complete blast with Demonical and the rest of the lineup. We are also looking forward to finally get a chance to promote our album "Dragged to the Altar" that will be released before the tour. Europe should best prepare itself, because in early May we will open the gates and let the death metal flow!"
 Hook, Feral
Feral are proud to announce that Rickard “Damien” Lundmark is now an official endorser of Soultone Cymbals.

“I am gladto announce my official signing to Soultone Cymbals. I was blown away the first time I ever heard these cymbals, but when I finally got my own i realized they sounded even better. They have everything I’m looking for in a cymbal. They have all the power and musicality I need, whether I perform live or in the studio. I am very eager to try these babies out on the road with Demonical in May.” 

You can check out his profile on this location: Damien @ Soultone Cymbals 

Damien is alsostill endorsed by Pellwood drumsticks.
We are proud to announce that Feral will team up with our allies in Demonical on their black crusade across Europe in May. Targeting venues in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech Republic to support our debut album "Dragged to the Altar", to be released on Ibex Moon Records before the dawn of the crusade. Gilla Bruja will also be joining in for a complete unity of death metal. Be prepared for a brutal and merciless assault across the continent.

Svarte Petter will be unable to join us due to other duties during the time of the tour, aiding us from here on until the end of the Death Infernal tour will be our brother "Narstrand" from Dråpsnatt.

More info regarding "Dragged to the Altar" is to be annouced soon, as well as the complete dates for "Death Infernal".


We will se you all on the road!
"Feral are honored to sign to John McEntee's Ibex Moon Records, having released many albums of artists that we show great respect to. Several years of writing has given us loads of material to choose from and the time to rework our songs to perfection. Expect nothing else than our debut album to be a slab of rotting flesh reeking of groovy Swedish death metal.
New tracks never released in any form will be recorded during this session as well, including probably the most intense material we have ever spawned.

Primal rage and pure malevolence lies ahead, the Feral beast is now howling under the Ibex Moon!"

Formed in the small Northern Swedish town of Norsjo in late 2003 by vocalist Hook and bassist Valmer, Feral was originally known simply as Valmer & Hook. Though the duo never intended for the project to be anything more than a ‘joke band,’ Valmer and Hook soon saw potential in what they were doing and decided to take things to the next level. After relocating to the nearby town of Skellefteå, the pair teamed up with guitarist Svarte Petter and drummer Damien before eventually rounding out their roster with the addition of guitarist Big Mac. With the lineup complete, the band soon began writing and performing around their native Sweden. It was during this time that they took on the name Feral; chosen to match the wild and untamed force and
raw power of the band.

Soon thereafter, Feral began recording demos and playing some very high-profile gigs, including a month long European tour with death metal legends Master in February of 2009 and a mini-tour with Six Feet Under in September of the same year. In between these tours, Feral returned to the studio to record the highly acclaimed Welcome To The Graveyard demo, which caught the attention of Ibex Moon Records’ owner, John McEntee, who signed the band to his label late last year.

With a solid lineup, a firm and strong sound, and all the determination in the world, the band now feels stronger than ever before! At the onset of 2010, the group recording their debut full-length CD, Dragged To The Altar, which is to be released later on in the year via Ibex Moon Records.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Feral, but some things are certain:
The band is far from a joke these days. The Feral beast has only just been born, and it will grow stronger and bigger each day. Any obstacles will be struck down, any antagonists will be mangled. The plague will spread, the creature will roar and every time you gaze into the darkness you will see those glowing eyes staring back at you, hungry for more.

Check out this interview with Hook at Minacious Webzine there are some hints regarding great things to come in there: The interview.

Thanks to Mordant for his support!

Our shop is now open, from which you can buy both our old demo, "Graverobber" and our new killer, "Welcome to the Graveyeard". You can also buy the new shirt which features the cover of the latest CD, a fabric patch and pins. More info on all of it in the "Shop" section.

We are now also glad to say that Feral's first video is now out on the net!

The video is for the title track off the new CD, which was recorded in an authentic environment in the murky woods of Valmer & Hook's birthplace, Norsjö. It is a murdering piece of video history, so be sure to check it out!

That's all for now folks!
Stay devoted to death and destruction, see you later!


Feral has been chosen as this weeks myspace band in Swedens biggest webzine,, thats really cool and we very much appreciate the support!



Since we returned from our tour with Master we have been working hard on the recording of our new demo "Welcome to the Graveyard", and now the work is finished. We can with no doubt say that this is the best shit that we have ever recorded, or maybe that has ever been recorded at all.

Welcome to the Graveyard contains five tracks that go under the names:

Once Inside the Tomb
The Deathbog
Welcome to the Graveyard
The Curse of the Casket
Behead the Crucifix

Everything has been mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström at Enhanched Audio and the artwork has been made by Jonathan at Necromantic Art.

The official releasedate will be the 3rd of September when we hit the road again for the second time, this time with Six Feet Under and Jungle Rot. This will be four date tour with three shows in Germany and one in Switzerland, more info on this at the Gigs-section.

We have also printed some new t-shirts with the sick cover art on the front and also a handfull of patches with the Feral-logo.

Be sure to attend our gigs if you want to be the first to lay your hands on our new demo and merchandise. We will be hanging out in the crowd and at the merch-booth after every show, feel free to come up and have a chat with us.

Some samples or maybe a whole song from the new demo will be available at our myspace soon.

See you on the road and welcome to the fucking graveyard!



We have returned from our tour with Master, and we had a blast with all the bands for a month. Thanks to all those who attended the shows and made this a month worth remembering, we really can't imagine any better way to spend our first tour!

We have played our first gig back in Sweden and started booking even more dates in our home country. And we are proud to announce that Markus "Big Mac" Lindahl has chosen to join Feral as a permanent member. We are also proud to announce that Damien has inked an endorsment deal with Pellwood Drumsticks shortly after arriving in Sweden after the Europe tour.

We will enter the studio on May 1st to record our next demo, prepare for the most brutal shit that we have ever written. Five slabs of pure swedish death fucking metal!

Last, but certainly not least we have some really big news coming up for you soon.

Once again, thanks to all the bands and all the fans that made our month in Europe great!

There are great things ahead, we welcome you to the graveyard!



Hey rotheads! A quick update before heading out on the road with Master for a month, We have some new gigs in the gig section of the site, check which of them you can attend for your daily dose of high quality death metal, personaly we recommend quiting your job and follow the whole tour on every gig. We will vary our setlist as much as we can between the gigs and play both new and old material. We have also printed some new merch for the tour:

A re-print of the "I'm an animal more than a man"-shirt.

A new shirt with the Feral-logo and the text "Graverobbing deathrock from north Swedens interior" on the front and two bloody scythes on the back with the text "Let the graverobber dig", all written in the classic font of Entombeds Left Hand Path.

And a new version of the Graverobber-demo containing the new bonus track "Altar Of Necromancy" recorded this summer for the Resurrected In Festering Slime-compilation which will be released any day soon by Soulseller Records!

Finally, Swedish speaking people might want to check this pre-tour interview out, made by our local newspaper Norran.

See you on the road!

/Hook & Feral


It's been a long time since our last update, and many things has happened while we have been too lazy to post news about it.

First of all, Sebbe has left the band to focus on his other projects, he did this shortly after the recording of Altar of Necromancy. We have played gigs with only Svarte Petter on the guitar during this summer, but our friend Markus Lindahl will aid us as second guitarist on our upcoming tour with Master.

The compilation album "Resurrected In Festering Slime" has been mastered and the layout is finished, if everything goes as planned it will be released during 2008 or in the beginning of 2009. Twan from has focused an entire radio-show on this compilation and it is played from the beginning to the end with some comments from Twan between the songs. If you are interested in hearing our song (and every other bands songs) you can listen to the show here: (Episode 48)

We also have some new reviews and gigs coming up, check those sections out!


Attention death-heads, a 30 second preview of our contribution for the Resurrected In Festering Slime-compilation is now available in the media section of our site (along with some more or less new reviews and a interview). Be sure to check this out and worship at the altar of necromancy!

You can also check out the cover of the release here:


On other fronts, we have recieved some new dates for our tour with Master (US) next year. Read all about it in the Gigs section, calculate which gig is closest to your home and be sure to fucking attend.

Let the graverobber dig!


Feral is fucking proud and pleased to be able to announce that we will be part of an upcoming tour, called STRIKE YOUR IDOLS DOWN!

We will be supporting Thrash/Death Metal legends MASTER (US) on their European raid, which will be initiated February 6th 2009! The tour will be 24 days long, and other support bands joining are CASTROFATE (US), and NIGHTMARE VISIONS (UK).

Three dates has been confirmed already, so keep an eye on the Gig-section to find out where else the dead will rise!


Greetings minions, Feral just returned from Ballerina Audio, and the recording of our new song "Altar of Necromancy", which will represent our band on the "Ressurected in Festering Slime"-compliation CD. The CD will be released later this year.

We'll release info in the same pace as we recieve them.


After an extraordinary occurrence and with the urge to spread the audible hell, we are very fucking proud to announce a masterpiece compilation called:


The resurrection of the festered souls of a thousand generations will be lead by the following mighty bands:

BOMBS OF HADES (SWE) Featuring ex-members of God Macabre, Utumno, Abhoth & Tribulation



FACEBREAKER (SWE) Featuring ex-members of Edge of Sanity, Pan.Thy.Monium & Darkified



MR. DEATH (SWE) Featuring ex-members of Treblinka, Tiamat & Expulsion



CRUCIFYRE (SWE) Featuring ex-members of Afflicted, Crematory, Morbid & Concrete Sleep


RAPE PILLAGE AND BURN (USA/SWE) Featuring ex-members of Dismember & Murder Squad and members of Divine Eve

We are thrilled to be on the compilation with such great bands and will enter the studio at Ballerina Audio in north Sweden the 13th June to record an exlusive track for this awesome compilation.

This collection treasure will be edited in limited edition vinyl by SOULSELLER RECORDS (NL). The project is done exclusively among the bands participants, so do not expect big commercials and massive distribution. Stay tuned for more news about this BLAST!!!

Personal thanks from Feral to the mastermind behind the compilation, Andrés Furukawa.

Festering regards!

Feral will perform a gig at Club Venom/Pinkerton, Skellefteå, April 19th. Other bands playing will be Daemonicus, Dead End and Forever War. The gates open at 20:00, so be sure to be there in time, for it will surely be a night filled with death and gore.

Good news! The long awaited Media section is now avaiable, so be sure to check it out for pictures, songs and some other treats! Also, reviews of the demo has started to pop up all over the net. You'll find the links to them in the media section too. We will update the site continuously, so keep an eye on it every now and then!

Stay Rot!


There are now videos available all over YouTube, filmed during our gig at the House of Metal festival a couple of weeks ago. Besides from all the classics, we also performed one unreleased track, one track was played for the first time in public, and there's also one pretty recognizeable cover in there. To watch it all, go to our YouTube profile:

Keep on moshing!


The first shipment of Feral t-shirts has been delivered and will hopefully arrive so that we will be able to sell them at the House of Metal-gig in Umeå. The remaining t-shirts (if there are any) will be sold at our gigs and here on our website. The design features our logo in the front and an extract of the lyrics from the song Howling, check it out and be sure to buy one of these extremely limited shirts while we have them:
Feral will play at the House of Metal festival, at Folkets Hus in Umeå. It takes place during February 15-16. Other bands attending the festival are such as Unleashed, Meshuggah, Naglfar, God Among Insects and Candlemass, among many others. We will update as soon as we've got more information on this, but be sure to get your tickets today!

Welcome to our new homepage! (It’s still being worked on, but it's functional enough as of now) It is designed by Bad Designs. Here, we will keep you updated on everything concerning Feral, and you will be able to find band info, pictures, songs, and loads of other stuff.